What is a windshield in a car?

What is a windshield in a car?

Definition of windshield

: a transparent screen (as of glass) that protects the occupants of a vehicle especially : one in front of the occupants.

What part of the car is the windshield?

The window glass at the front of a vehicle, through which the driver and front seat passenger of a car view the road and the world is known in the United States and most of North America as the windshield. In many other countries, the same glass is referred to as the windscreen.

Is the back window of a car a windshield?

Besides having heating stripes, and shatterproof qualities, the window is also more angled than the others in your car. To be clear, your rear window is not a windshield, and replacing this window can be much more complex and costly than your vehicle’s front and side windows.

What is the window of a car called?

The front 1 is called the windshield. The 1 on the front left is called front driver side window or left front window. The one behind that is called rear driver side window or left rear window.

What is the side glass of a car called?

The safety glass is designed to protect the car and keep its occupants safe. Laminated glass creates windscreens while tempered glass creates the side and back windows.

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